The Evolution of the Search Engine and Their Other Services

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This is the beginning of a 3-Part series breaking down how the largest search engine on the planet functions on a daily basis. In this series, we’ll go over how Google has evolved since its introduction in 1998, Google’s other services, how they earn their money, and finally all the things that go on behind the scenes to give people a smooth experience.

In this part, we’ll look at how Google has changed over the years and everything it’s resulted in today.

Google’s Evolution

Nevertheless, It’s a Double-Edged Sword

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Technology is both a blessing and a curse. On paper, technology provides us with plenty of conveniences and gives us the ability to do things that weren’t before possible.

In reality, however, it has come at a cost.

This cost is that technology has become amazingly addictive, serving as a distraction in most people’s lives. In other words, technology has made us lazy and unproductive due to its added conveniences, keeping us from unlocking our full potential.

How Technology Helps Productivity in a Work Environment

Yes, I Learned the Hard Way

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A few years ago, being the young ambitious kid that I’m sure we all were at some point, I wanted to start a business. So after countless hours of research, I concluded that repairing smartphones would be the way to go. My reasoning? It seemed like one of the best low-risk options.

After assuring myself this was a good idea, I managed to muster up the courage to present my “sales pitch” to my parents.

Surprisingly, they were pretty open to the idea. The problem was, I had not the slightest idea how to repair a phone, or pretty much…

Sell the Mercedes Now, Buy the Bentley Later

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Money. Let’s talk about it.

It’s something that we all need, to some extent, and something that a good portion of people want. Money is also something most of us wouldn’t mind having more of. And, at least on paper, it should be simple to get. Yet money seems to have a strange side to it, as it appears very few people have actually figured out how to make enough of it to be considered ‘wealthy’.

Would it surprise you if I said ?

If you put 13 random American adults in a room, there’s…

How the Finest Car Brands in the World May Soon Become Obsolete

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When you think of your dream car, chances are, it probably wears a German badge. Even if you aspire to own a Bentley or even a Rolls Royce, both of those brands’ parent companies are German.

It’s hard to argue against the idea that brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Porsche continue to be leaders in the car industry, striking a great balance between luxury, technology, performance, and, of course, a little clout. Needless to say, I don’t think anyone would complain about the opportunity to own one of these cars.

But what could jeopardize the future and appeal…

Why it’s Not Your Fault and How You Can Fix It

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Chances are, you wouldn’t be willing to delete every social media app on your phone. Whether it’s YouTube or Instagram, or TikTok, the reality is that we spend hours upon hours scrolling through them each week.

Some of us may realize there’s a problem, while others may not. Some may even think there’s something wrong with them or feel guilty about their inability to simply put down their devices and enjoy life outside of a screen.

But what if I told you that this is supposed to happen?

What if we lived in a world where every single tech company…

GM is Targeting a Market Tesla Can’t yet Reach

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On February 14, General Motors revealed the two new variations of the Chevy Bolt. Apart from an exterior and interior refresh, the only thing that changed was the fact that there’s now a compact SUV (or EUV, as Chevy would call it) variant.

No, neither of these cars have the 3.1 seconds 0–60 times that the Tesla Model 3 Performance can boast. Nor can either of them achieve the 353-mile range you can expect from a Long-Range Model 3.

What these two cars can deliver on, however, is price.

The Price Advantage the Chevrolets Have

And How it Could Worsen our Lives Instead

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“If I win the lottery, then I’ll be the happiest person alive.”

Sound familiar? If you said yes, which I assume you did, that would be because it’s a very common phrase. But it’s also just as common of a misunderstanding.

Whether you actually believe what the phrase is saying or not is a whole different matter, but the truth is that, no matter what the item is that you win or gain, it won’t be long before your enjoyment from life plateaus again or even worsens.

Once you undergo a drastic lifestyle change, such as winning the lottery, you’ll…


Here’s How:

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When you think of mobile games, what comes to mind?

Maybe Pokémon Go, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, or the recent hit Among Us? Well, that’s because they are some of theand well-known mobile games to ever exist, and they all have one thing in common. Any guesses?

None of them required a single penny to start playing.

It would make sense that free games would probably have more downloads than pay-to-play games, but it doesn’t make sense that free games would end up making more money as well. …

Why Samsung Insists on Using Their In-House Chips

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Ever since 2011, with the introduction of the Galaxy S2, Samsung has been using their own in-house Exynos chips on various smartphone models.

While this wasn’t a problem back then, as in some cases the Exynos chip was actually faster than its Qualcomm counterpart, the difference between them has become vastly more noticeable today. And as the difference in performance grew, so did the complaints and overall problem.

But Samsung promised there would be improvements this time around, strongly promoting the idea that . …


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